Khamis, 30 Ogos 2012


1. Horseshoe bat

There are fourteen types of bat in Britain are being threatened. Horseshoe bat bigger is one of the most interesting. During this time there are 35 recognized birth. Current estimates range between 4,000 and 6,600.
These animals also died as a result of the use of insecticides (poisonous chemicals disembor on crops to kill harmful insects). This tela h snatch insects that become the main source of food these animals.

2. Siberian Tiger

Very interesting and may have less than 200 cows in the wild, probably all in special nature. Hunted the poachers to be able to feed his family for one year from the result just killed a tiger .

3. Turtle jar

Turtles have intensively hunted for meat and eggs, but the fat is also used in the cosmetic industry. Many of these inatang die annually caught in fishing nets from crabfishers. In Turkey, the hotel was built right on the breeding

4. Fish Tail White Eagles

Before man made ​​a study of the use of pheromones, spectacular bird of prey far more than they do now. The beast has been hunted by shepherds and gamekeepers who considered this animal as a threat. Intense with conservation action, the population of Eastern Europe recovered, recovery plans intended to get some traditional cattle in Europe.

5. Mandarin duck

Types of animals can be seen in Britain, but the original area in East Asia, in Russia, China, Korea. This beautiful bird extinction due mainly to the extraction of timber, wild hunters and hunters. Known predators include mink, raccoon dog, otters, polecats, hawks, owls and grass snakes.
6. Monkey Tail of the Lion

These animals live in several areas in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Currently, the tropical forest which is a habitat of monkeys, have been cleared and replaced with tea and coffee plantations.
As with so many mammals, currently the main threat in the wild destroying habitat. Wild hunters also often catch little monkey, killing the adults in the perburuannya, to then be exported. This animal is considered to be the most endangered monkey, with only 400 left tail in the wild. Animals hunted for meat and wool.

7. Jackass Penguin

Is the only kind of penguin is in South Africa are found in Africa. Because these animals live so far north, and in a relatively inaccessible region, African penguins have been accustomed to the destruction of the oil manusia.Tumpahan also threatens them, like taking eggs for human consumption.
8. Mountain Gorilla

The Virunga volcanoes region in eastern Zaire, Rwanda and Uganda are the only habitat of the highly endangered mountain gorillas extinction. These animals are often killed by traps and snares intended for other animals, loss of habitat and very often get a lot of the same diseases as humans.
Depending on the thick forest to survive and continue to be cut down to make way for the growth of crops and cattle grazing. Humans and gorillas are 98% genetically identical animals are also exposed to human disease. These animals are the most endangered of the gorilla subspecies, only about 700 mountain gorillas in the wild.
9. Numbat

Animals inhabit the forest in Western Australia, this is the only country where the animals can be found in the wild. Numbat now extinct in this pemerhatian.Binatang survive in the wild only in a small area in the southwest corner of Australia.
When humans introduce new predators such as cats, dogs and foxes, these animals eat a lot numbats. Total Numbats still declining because many habitat areas cleared for agriculture and logging.

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